4 Parcels cuvées to Explore the Terroirs of Beaujolais

Beaujolais wines continue to astonish oenophiles. This vineyard, stretching between Mâcon and Lyon, is full of treasures adored by Gamay, a black grape with white juice. With 12 appellations, including 10 AOC communes such as Brouilly, Fleurie, and Morgon, the range of Beaujolais terroirs seems infinite. This richness goes even further: in our glasses, more and more localities in the wine region are resonating with their unique aromatic melody. Proof of this is in these 4 single-parcel cuvées from our two Beaujolais Châteaux…

The Beaujolais Vineyard: Extraordinary Geological Diversity

With 12,000 hectares, the size of its vineyard may seem modest. And yet… Beaujolais actually houses more than 300 variations of soils and subsoils! An unprecedented field study mapped this myriad of rocks and parent materials between 2009 and 2018. It reveals a geological history of over 500 million years: a heritage quite rare in France, distinguished in 2018 with the “UNESCO Global Geopark” label.

In this true mosaic of terroirs, the emblematic grape variety of Beaujolais, Gamay Noir, draws its countless facets. From one appellation or Beaujolais cru to another, it expresses new characteristic nuances. But more than that, multiple parcels each imprint the grape with an incomparable signature: a richness already revealed by Antoine Budker in 1874, through his renowned classification of the localities in the Beaujolais region…

Revealing the Potential of Beaujolais Terroirs through Single-Parcel Cuvées

During vinifications at Château des Tours and Château de Corcelles, certain localities in our Beaujolais vineyards have always impressed us with their remarkable typicity: highlighting their quality and uniqueness quickly became evident for the team at our two estates, guided by our Director Sébastien Kargul.

In addition to our traditional cuvées, entirely distinct wines have gradually come to life. These bottles, produced in limited quantities, embody with refined elegance the essence of our most admirable parcels. More than being the fruit of the vine, they reflect a place, a history, and a craftsmanship. The prestigious Trophée Beaujolais Lieu-dit, awarded by the Concours des Grands Vins du Beaujolais to Château des Tours in 2024, has moreover honored this approach, still recent in the Beaujolais appellations.

The single-parcel cuvées from Châteaux des Tours and Corcelles are thus an invitation to navigate through the various Beaujolais terroirs. Are you ready to embark? Here’s your itinerary!

1. Château de Corcelles Brouilly Les Roches

This cuvée was the very first single-parcel selection created by our team, as a true profession of faith dedicated to the diversity of our terroirs. It comes to life in the superb locality “Les Roches,” which spans 8 hectares in the far southwest of the Brouilly appellation.

Here, granitic sands support the vine at altitudes between 400 and 500 meters, promising Gamay a precise, airy, and complex expression. Behind its luminous red robe lie aromas of ripe red fruits and a captivating hint of garrigue. Silky and persistent, the wine leaves a lasting impression on the senses…

2. Château des Tours Brouilly Les Tours

Crowned by the Trophée Beaujolais Lieu-dit 2024, this Brouilly red wine stands out due to the natural amphitheater that nurtured it: a fabulous terroir perched at altitude, at the extreme south of the appellation. The oldest vines at Château des Tours, sometimes over 80 years old, thrive in sandy, poor, and acidic soils inherited from granite.

Particularly involved in the AOC Brouilly and its Premier Cru Commission, Cyril, the estate’s Cellar Master, conveys all his expertise through this exceptionally refined cuvée: a seductive nose between ripe fruits and spices, a subtle and assertive palate, intensity with a touch of indulgence…

3. Château des Tours Brouilly Combiaty

As early as 1874, “Combiaty” was identified by Antoine Budker as a locality with unparalleled character. At the edge of the Tours parcel, at the highest point of the amphitheater, very old Gamay vines planted in gobelet enjoy a magnificent southeast exposure and shallow soils from granite weathering.

In this Brouilly wine, everything fascinates: its enchanting concentration first, then its structure both powerful and delicate, punctuated by a distinctive refreshing minerality. And, to conclude the tasting, a long finish of great balance…

4. Château de Corcelles Fleurie Poncié

At the heart of the Fleurie appellation and Beaujolais, “Poncié” is one of those parcels that captivate wine enthusiasts. On its slopes, old Gamay Noir vines are firmly rooted in pink granite rocks, veined with mica and quartz.

In the glass, this Fleurie red wine gladly radiates its wonderful floral purity. Its aromatic score finely orchestrates a harmonious symphony of dark fruits, mineral notes, and underbrush accents. Time will only perfect this expression full of character…


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