Consumer trends. Through observation and anticipation, we have always listened to our customers in order to meet their expectations.

The wines of tomorrow, enlightened by the past and looking towards the future, fulfilling our quest for precision and continuously improved quality.


The winegrowers’ talents. Each new vintage is guided by their meticulous efforts, driven by their passion for the land and the fruit.

The terroirs. It’s essential to profoundly understand and respect their balance to produce wines that express the best of the terroirs.

The potential. At first, each property was simply a piece of land selected out of emotion, but each one ended up having so much to offer.


The environment. Respect for nature guides us on our quest for purity. This philosophy is adapted to the possibilities of each of our wine regions.

The know-how. Savoir-faire is the work of time, bearing witness to centuries of labor in the vineyard and cellar and reflecting the history of our wine-growing regions. This is the reason for our continuous pursuit of excellence.

The History. In most cases, each of our properties is centuries old and rich in unique architectural and cultural heritage, all of which are treasures to protect.

The Richard Wine Family, Since 1892

Founder Henri Richard began his wine career at age 22 and started developing the family business in the 1930s when Richard Wines were born! As wine blenders, and at an early stage, bottlers for the Parisian restaurant industry, the Richard family traveled through the various French wine regions searching for talented winegrowers, architectural heritage, and unique terroirs. Since its first acquisition in the 1950s, Domaines Richard has grown organically and today includes 600 hectares spread through three emblematic wine regions: the Rhône Valley, the Beaujolais, and Bordeaux.

The Rhone Valley

This is where the Rhône becomes Provençal and “the accent wanders and does not end” and where the Richard family has revealed three exceptional terroirs: Château La Nerthe in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Les Cassagnes de La Nerthe at the foot of the Massif d’Uchaux and the Prieuré de Montézargues in Tavel. The grape varieties are mediterranean, creating wines that sing. Olive trees, lavender, and garrigue surround the vineyard. Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence, is never very far away!


One red grape variety, ten crus, three hundred terroirs: welcome to Beaujolais, the south side of Burgundy! The golden stone villages begin at the gates of Lyon, then continue to Mâcon and the hills that dominate the Saône plain. Here the Richard family has revealed the essence of the Beaujolais with two emblematic properties: Château de Corcelles, a historical monument and flagship for the entire region, and Château des Tours, the citadel of Brouilly.


Bordeaux may no longer need an introduction, but with 3,000 châteaux and 60 appellations, much remains to be discovered! Start with those of Domaines Richard, where the adventure began in the 1950s. Today this leads to Château Escalette and Château de Barbe on the right bank, Château Victoria, proud cru bourgeois, on the left bank, and Château Gantonnet in Entre-deux-Mers. The Richard family aims to preserve Bordeaux in all its diversity of colors, grape varieties, and landscapes, from the headlands of Gironde to the hills of Dordogne at the edge of the pine forest that protects the Haut Médoc from the Atlantic Ocean.

In order to carry the values of Domaines Richard to the four corners of the globe, we imagine how to best pair our wines with the most exotic dishes. We share the diversity of our terroirs with enthusiasts from every continent and preserve our estates' reputation for excellence.

Christophe Bristiel, Domaines Richard Export Director