Château de Corcelles

In the Cellar

Brouilly, Morgon, Fleurie, Beaujolais Villages red and Beaujolais white and rosé, each cuvée is made with the desire to express all the richness and typicity of the terroir.

From Harvest to Ageing

The harvest is done mainly by hand, sorted, and then partially or wholly destemmed depending on the desired characteristics. It is then placed in vats for a semi-carbonic or Burgundian maceration of varying duration depending on the wine. Maceration can last from 4 to 5 days for Beaujolais Nouveau and up to 15 to 20 days for our crus.

Château de Corcelles - Gouttes vin
Ageing in stainless steel vats is best for some of our cuvées, allowing the fruit to develop its freshness and gourmet character. Oak barrel aging brings out more tannins and complexity in the wines. Therefore, we choose according to the vintage and the desired result.
Château de Corcelles - Brouilly

Unique Terroir, Unique Wine

Château de Corcelles’ diverse range of terroirs allows new vintages to be created. Today, the Estate wants to be even more exclusive and precise when developing its cuvées by limiting them to unique and high potential terroirs. It is a plot selection, like our Brouilly “Les Roches”, the southernmost section of the Brouilly appellation, with a very remarkable character that originates from the shallow depth of the soil and the outcropping rock.

Château de Corcelles - Brouilly

This is where we salute what Mother Nature has generously given us. This is why each year is so different.

Thierry Boudier, Cellar Master at Château de Corcelles.

Château de Corcelles - Vendanges