In the Cellar

Year after year, our ambition is to improve quality constantly, as we respect Château Gantonnet’s terroir.

Good Wine Starts with Good Grapes

The vine is at the center of our attention throughout the year. Our success in the cellar largely depends on the quality of the grapes that arrive there. The grapes are sorted upon arrival to keep only the best bunches before the precise and delicate vinification begins. We respect the fruit only to extract the best for our wines.

Château Gantonnet Vin

The objective of our red wines is to promote fruitiness, freshness, and roundness, which is possible in tanks with automatic pumping over, and one year of aging in stainless steel tanks.

For our whites, cold pre-fermentation develops the aromatic and fresh qualities of the wine. We use barrels to vinify and age 10% of our whites, which brings a touch of complexity to the assemblage -an asset to ensure a long finish.

Château Gantonnet Futs

The cellar is where a year of teamwork in the vineyard ends, and a new vintage is born.

Cyril Poumeyrol Technical Manager at Château Gantonnet

Château Gantonnet Cyril