Terroir & vineyard

On the slope of the hillside is a wood of holm oaks perching on rocks, caves, and quarries, and on the plateau stretches a well-run vineyard that yields from 40 to 50 barrels of red wines “that combine the qualities specific to those of Blaye and Bourg” (Source: Édouard Guillon, The Historical Wine-Making Castles of the Gironde, 1866-1869).


An Oceanic Climate

Like the entire Bordeaux vineyard, the estate’s climate is influenced by the Atlantic ocean.

In terms of microclimate, the immediate vicinity of the estuary acts as a buffer, with less extreme temperatures and more average sunshine than in the rest of the right bank.


A Rich Landscape

This small region with very rugged terrain is sometimes called the “Gironde Switzerland”.

Its natural hilly and green environment is home to many limestone quarries where bats nest. A considerable asset in the fight against grape worms that threaten the health of the vines.

The estate is bordered by woods filled with oaks and acacias, crossed by deer and kestrel hawks. The domain has only become more biodiverse as areas have been added to the 9.5 ha of vineyard, including 5 ha of woods, 3 ha of meadows, 0.5 ha of walnut trees for lumber, and even a kiwi plantation! In the autumn, two walnut trees drop nuts in the middle of the vineyard.

The Soil

Clay-limestone on a stony base. The limestone bedrock is only 50cm deep, allowing good soil drainage. Thanks to the clay on its surface, the vines benefit from enough water.


An Organic Vineyard

The objective is to preserve our terroirs and the environment, the health of the people who work in the vineyards, and that of our consumers.

There is natural grass and green manure in every other row to promote soil life, which keeps the vines healthy! Therefore, the vineyard was naturally converted to organic farming and obtained ECOCERT certification in 2013.

Agribulture Biologique - AB


A Charming Trio

The vineyard has three pillars: the distinguished merlot, the structured cabernet sauvignon, and the impressive malbec—a fusion of perfumes, flavors, and textures that reflects the soul of Château Escalette.