Château Victoria

Terroir & vineyard

Château Victoria vineyards are in the heart of the Médoc natural park and its marshlands, occupied by herds of the famous Limousines and Blondes of Aquitaine grazing wild meadows, dunes, maritime pine forests as well as lakes and ponds home to many migratory birds.

Near the Atlantic

The vineyards benefit from a mild and humid oceanic climate tempered by the Landes forest that protects them from the wind.

The Gironde estuary and the forest regulate the vineyard’s temperatures year-round. This microclimate is bathed in sunlight, providing the vines with ideal conditions that guarantee the maturity and quality of the grapes.


Environmentally Oriented

Since 2019 the 60 hectares of vines have been cultivated according to the HVE3 (High Environmental Value – level 3) certification rules.

Through a societal and environmental approach, the management of the estate integrates and develops biodiversity and promotes self-sufficient agriculture that does not degrade the soil, water, and air.

Haute Valeur Environnementale - HVE


A 100% Red Assemblage

Our grape varieties grow on a filtering limestone plateau in fine gravel soil.

The Château Victoria vineyard hosts our oldest cabernet-sauvignon and merlot vines with a sprinkling of cabernet-franc, whereas the vineyard of Château Le Bourdieu Vertheuil is planted mainly with merlot and a touch of cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot. On the Picourneau end, the variety is like Victoria’s, with a bit more petit verdot. Full of character, this combination blends intensity and finesse with fruity and spicy notes giving the wines all their singularity.