Château La Nerthe

In the cellar

« Here, it is no longer a single grape variety that we ask for a high-quality product; but rather a blend, an association of grape varieties forming a harmonious combination in which the specific qualities of each come together in the melting pot of fermentations. » Le Figaro – Monday, February 9, 1925
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Upon Arrival in the Cellar

In the cellars of the Château, the meticulous work done in the vineyard continues.

The grapes are sorted in the vineyard and then again manually on the table. According to their taste qualities, the destemmed grapes are then sent to stainless steel or wood vinification vats.

Château la Nerthe Cuve

Plot-Based Vinification

Each plot is vinified separately to respect its uniqueness.

The vatting begins with a 12/24-hour cold pre-fermentation maceration phase. Native yeasts naturally trigger alcoholic fermentation, achieved under controlled temperatures. Pumping over and punching down ensure gentle extraction of grape compounds: one could almost speak of infusion.

The vatting lasts about three weeks, and then the wines are run-off.

Château la Nerthe Cave

Custom Ageing

Each cuvée is then carefully matured, revealing the soul of the vintage.

In the same cellars since the 16th century, drums, half barrels, and casks are carefully chosen to perfect the wines without masking them.

Only at the end of this aging will the final blend be achieved, translating our emotion into flavor, our history into the aroma, and our terroir into sensations-vintage after vintage.

Château la Nerthe Œnologue
Château la Nerthe Julien

"Château La Nerthe's exceptional wine heritage is the foundation for our work in the cellar. With passion and humility, all of our efforts are aimed at expressing the full potential of this terroir, in pursuit of intensity and elegance."

Julien Thorn, Château La Nerthe Cellar Master