Terroir & vineyard

The estate’s 34 hectares of vines flourish in the middle of the garrigue, under the sun of Provence. The Montagne Noire range and the forest of evergreen oaks and Scotch pines that surround them protect the vineyard from the mistral winds. Everything here inspires respect for nature.

A Microclimate, with Mediterranean Influences

With very mild winters, the vines are rarely worried by the devastating frosts that can occur. And in the spring and fall, it rains when the vines need it most to grow and build up their supply. Then come the hot and dry summers, beneficial for the ripening of the berries albeit dangerous if ever the drought lasts too long. Fortunately, some plots have water stored, thanks to the clay in their subsoil naturally.

Prieuré de Montézargues Taille de cep

Since the mistral wind often sweeps the vines after it rains, grapevine diseases rarely infect the berries. This northerly wind blows so hard that it dries rain-soaked bunches in no time, which could otherwise be damaged by moisture.

Ideal weather conditions crowned by significant sunshine throughout the year!


A Collection of Grape Varieties

Rooted for an average of 40 years: intense Syrah, powerful Mourvèdre, gourmand Cinsault, unctuous Clairette, warm Grenache Noir, subtle Grenache Blanc, fresh Bourboulenc and the character of Carignan, come together to form our vineyard.

It is this blend of colors, flavors, and scents that make the Prieuré de Montézargues unique.


Sand for Finesse and Elegance

The Tavel terroir is composed of three main types of soil: rolled pebbles, limestone, and sand. Located at the south-eastern limit of the appellation, the soils of the Prieuré de Montézargues are mainly sandy and covered with the famous rolled pebbles.

Georges Truc, a geologist and regional specialist recognizes the singularity of this terroir of sea sand deposited during the last marine transgression of the Mediterranean in the Rhône Valley. The very loose soil structure allows the vines to take root well and easily draw water and minerals.


On the surface, rolled pebbles help heat the soil quickly in the spring and therefore participate in the ripening of the berries. They absorb moisture, which prevents water accumulation and disease. A genuinely essential asset in an organic vineyard!

These are all reasons that allow the Prieuré de Montézargues to express itself with finesse and elegance and its unique and grand tannic structure, reflecting the essence of its terroir.


A Deep Respect for Nature

In order to preserve the environment, our terroirs, our consumers’ health, and that of our teams, the vineyard has been certified organic since 2013. This harmony with nature allows the terroir and the grape varieties to express themselves freely.

Agribulture Biologique – AB