Château Victoria

In the Cellar

Éric Boissenot has been leading our quality initiatives since 2014. As a highly recognized oenologist consultant, he follows the vinification and aging of our wines and takes part in the assemblage, focusing on the fruit, balance, and elegance.

Gentle Precision Winemaking

Once in the cellar, our goal is to respect and enhance the estate’s terroir. It all starts with plot vinification allowing each grape variety on each terroir to unveil its own identity.

Gentle extraction helps develop fine tannins, intense color, and fresh and subtle aromas once the wine is in the vats.

The free-run juices reveal the wine’s profile while the press juices form the structure, as they are divided into barrels according to four quality levels. Using small containers to collect only the very best allows us to be highly selective and precise.

This tailored winemaking creates a wide range of blending possibilities even before putting the wines in barrels for perfectly measured wood aging. This process also leaves a great deal of room to develop the terroir’s expression and the finesse of the tannins.

Wine Aging

Château Victoria and Château Le Bourdieu Vertheuil wines spend 12 months in oak barrels which offers high aging potential. We prefer to age Château Picourneau wines in stainless steel tanks to develop their gourmet and fresh characteristics.