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In the Cellar

For three generations, the Richard family has carefully ensured the perpetuation of the style of wines from Château de Barbe. In the cellar, they are surrounded by a passionate team: each member brings their unique expertise and personal sensitivity, always in service of the perfect aromatic balance of the cuvées.

Expertise and Experience

Alongside the women and men who work every day in the creation of the wines, Thomas Levet, technical manager, guarantees the controlled expression of the terroir and the parcel selections.

The philosophy of the agricultural engineer has remained unchanged since his arrival at the estate nearly ten years ago: to prioritize quality over quantity.

Passionate about plants since his childhood on his parent’s farm in Corrèze, he is particularly committed to preserving the life of the soils and their microfauna. Thus, he makes it a point of honor to use natural methods as much as possible, respectful of the environment.

This commitment continues into the cellar. There, the teams are driven by a simple, yet demanding goal: the constant progression of the quality of the wines and the revelation of the typicity of the appellations. Each cuvée must be true to its original grape variety, while also highlighting the delectability, the fruit, and the smoothness of the tannins…

Vignes - Château de Barbe
Cave - Château de Barbe

Every Detail Counts…

As the harvest approaches, parcel by parcel, the grapes are tasted twice a week to ensure optimal maturity of the bunches before their collection. After being destemmed, a careful selection of the nicest berries is carried out on a sorting table.

The grapes then macerate cold for four to six days before fermenting slowly. During this key step, the temperature is closely controlled, to ensure the stabilization of aromas. Moreover, each parcel origin and typicity are vinified and aged by lot, to let the terroirs fully express themselves.

Furthermore, at the time of pressing, the free-run juice and press juice are meticulously selected, then transferred into barrels: a choice that will give the future wines a beautiful amplitude…