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Terroir & vineyard

Sculpted by the benevolent influence of the ocean, the Dordogne, and the Garonne, a unique microclimate wraps with its softness and sunshine the 62 hectares of vineyards of Château de Barbe: there, vintage after vintage, emblematic red grape varieties of Bordeaux flourish.

Three Appellations, One Signature

From great rivers come great vineyards: that of Château de Barbe enjoys an unparalleled natural environment, with its hilly terroir overlooking the Gironde. 36 hectares of its vines extend in Côtes de Bourg, 13 in Bordeaux Supérieur, and 13 in Bordeaux.

Grappe de raisins - Château de Barbe

The estate’s teams dedicate rigorous and personalized monitoring to each plot, from pruning to harvesting and soil grassing: all to enhance the quality of the grapes, to reveal the fruitiness, fleshiness, and elegance through each wine of Château de Barbe.

Vignes - Château de Barbe

The Soils of the Château

In Côtes de Bourg, the roots of Château de Barbe’s vines draw their vigor from a clay-limestone soil, mixing marls and gravelly limestones. This combination offers both effective deep drainage and sufficient water retention on the surface: a cradle of choice for perfectly ripening beautiful Merlots…

The wines in Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, on the other hand, are sculpted from grapes born along the Gironde, on the foothills and recent alluvial zones, called “palus.”

Vignes - Château de Barbe

The Genesis of Bold Aromas

Each of the grape varieties worked by Château de Barbe enriches the wines with its character. Representing 70% of the vineyard, Merlot shines in the blends with its suppleness and roundness, shaped by the estate’s latest clayey soils.

Raisins - Château de Barbe

Grown on more stony soils, vigorous Cabernet Sauvignons, fresh Cabernet Francs, and, to a lesser extent, colorful Malbecs, add their mark to the different cuvées of the château.