Château La Nerthe : In the Cellar

It is in the castle’s cellars that the work conducted with precision in the vineyard continues. The vineyard’s 57 parcels are vinified separately to reveal their unique identity. Every year, the cellar team grows during this period to help Bruno Mathieu, our cellar master, create the wines of Château La Nerthe. Vintage after vintage, the seasonal workers immerse themselves in the estate’s philosophy and participate in every stage of winemaking and aging. This allows them to gain experience while we benefit from their expertise and the know-how they bring to the great terroir of Château La Nerthe.

This year we are proud to have six new talents on our team (from left to right): Charlotte Serve, Claire Commaille, Malaurie Lorentz, Pauline Comin, Elorine Baroni, and Chloé Fraisse.



Charlotte Serve – 34 years old – Native of Rhone
During her ten years of experience in wine export in the USA, Charlotte had the opportunity to make wine in New Zealand, Burgundy, and the Loire Valley. In 2020 the Trump tax and Covid pushed her to switch to the technical side. She then undertook a National Professional Degree (BTS) in viticulture and enology to perfect her already well-advanced knowledge. She then realized her 4th vinification at Château La Nerthe before starting her training as a tractor driver with the ultimate goal of becoming a vineyard manager, then estate manager.


Claire Commaille – 33 years old – Native of Burgundy
Like Charlotte, Claire entered the world of wine through the commercial sector. After ten years of experience in export (English market) and with private customers, she decided to focus on the technical aspect that she has already had the opportunity to experience in several countries around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Portugal and in different French wine regions like Burgundy, Rhône, and the Loire. She has joined the Château La Nerthe team for the season before embarking on a National Professional Degree (BTS) in viticulture, enology, or Agricultural Company Management (BP REA), with plans to open her own wine estate.


Malaurie Lorentz – 24 years old – Native of Alsace
After an Agri-food degree and a bachelor’s in chemistry, punctuated by several experiences in an enological analysis laboratory and cellars in Alsace and Bordeaux, Malorie validated her National Diploma in Oenology and joined the Château La Nerthe team. After the season, she will set sail for New Zealand before returning to the northern Rhone Valley, where she wants to specialize in viticulture and enology consulting.


Pauline Comin – 24 years old – Native of Bordeaux
After a National Professional Degree (BTS) in agricultural, biological and biotechnological analysis with a minor in enology, Pauline joined the Bordeaux School of Agricultural Engineering specializing in viticulture and enology. She is currently completing her final internship at Château La Nerthe to complete her thesis on “decision-making tools,” aimed at reducing our environmental impact. She has also just obtained the National Diploma of Enology from Bordeaux. After the season, she would like to experience winemaking in the southern hemisphere.

Elorine Baroni – 20 years old – Native of the southern Rhone Valley
A student at the Avignon Agribusiness Agronomy Engineering School, Elorine is doing a three-year work-study at Château La Nerthe. Her main mission is managing the CSR project, but she also assists in the cellar.


Chloé Fraisse – 27 years old – Native of Languedoc
Chloé started her career in medical social work and eventually headed for the world of wine. In parallel with her National Professional Diploma (BTS) in viticulture and enology, she completed her work-study as an employee of a wine estate, allowing her to gain experience in the technical space (viticulture and enology) as well as the administrative and commercial aspects of the business. After an additional experience in a wine estate focusing on the vine and the cellar, she joined the Château La Nerthe team for the 2022 vinifications. Her goal is to integrate an agricultural engineering school and experience the different wine regions of France and the world by juggling two annual vinifications between the southern and northern hemispheres, to then become a cellar master.